By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 8, 2023

Dear CEO,

It’s inevitable that at some point in the business, you will have to contend with uncertainties that will leave you unsettled and make you ask too many questions. Uncertainty is a natural part of running a business. You see, change is constant. Let’s learn to embrace moments of change and uncertain times that comes in-between the growth of our business.

These uncertain periods offers us the potential to recreate, reflect and redefine our priorities instead of triggering disruptive negative emotions and fear.

In managing and navigating through uncertain times, I have learned to do the following:

I changed my emphasis from knowing to learning.

I usually STOP and ACKNOWLEDGE my emotions, pause until I am calm and coordinated enough to respond to the situation

Asking myself questions helps me reflect on the situation and creates space for learning.

Explore the best possible actions or clear solutions to move forward.

Then, I draw courage to take action, remain humble, and stay passionate and positive about my goals.

This helps me connect and align myself with what matters most in times of uncertainty.

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