By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 3, 2023

Dear CEO,

Do you know that there are two different CEO’s living inside of you. One is positive, optimistic, happy, loving and grateful while the other one is negative, sad, mad, resentful and fearful. Your decision about which one to feed and entertain this week will determine whether you will be happy or unhappy.

The more we feed the positive CEO, the more it grows, while the more we starve the negative CEO, the more it shrinks. The choice is ours. Feeding the positive CEO doesn’t just change you, it changes everything around you including your business. It makes everything around you better.

A positive attitude is important for many reasons, but one of the main reasons for having a positive attitude in the workplace is because it can rub off on everyone else. Positivity is the water in this desert we call life, and with so much uncertainty in the world—in politics and in business—it’s an absolutely crucial component of business leadership.

The tenet of positive thinking is that good things come into your life when your mind is in a good position. Being upbeat increases your chances of success. Some people consider that optimists aren’t realists. Optimists, meanwhile, concentrate on the aspects of each day that went well, even when it doesn’t go perfectly. By using the force of positive thinking, you can draw in like-minded people who will support each other while you work toward your professional objectives.

This week, feed the CEO with gratitude, smiles, positive thoughts and successful moments. Have a timeout with happy people, share love and kindness. Do something you love – whatever it is my dear do it!

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