By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 3, 2023

Dear Team Member,

Anyone who has worked in a less than perfect situation knows that toxicity is the enemy of a productive work environment. I endeavour daily to establish a pleasant workplace that supports motivated and engaged employees because as a business owner I am extremely aware of the impact toxic work environments can have on employees.

Now that the team lead plays and makes the environment friendly, your choice of words, thoughts and actions matters a lot. If you desire love, then start being more loving, if you want respect, start respecting others around you, if you want to be valued, start bringing extra-value, same goes to kindness and joy.

We are surrounded by love and abundance, but we need to keep practicing it in other to feel and receive it. Oh Yes, the things we desire starts with us. When we consciously work on ourselves to build a strong wall against workplace toxicity, a non toxic work gets created by default.

Gone are the days where strive, hate and disrespect are to be tolerated in a workplace, no business blooms in a toxic setting. Remember, our business environment is changed and charged by our actions.

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