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- March 7, 2023

During our Monday Motivation Meeting today, my team and I shared thoughts on Opportunities and how best to leverage on it for success and value creation to the world.

We read and attested to the fact that, you can either sit at home and wait for opportunity to knock on your door or you can meet him down the road – with preparedness as the key factor here.

Consider a young man, (I’ll call him James), who has always dreamt of being a successful business man, with clear cut aspirations, visions and enthusiasm to start his own business.

In the long run, James realized that things weren’t all rosy as he envisioned. There are competitors, financial constraints, market fluctuations, unfavorable regulations and despite how hard, James has been working, he struggles to make his business thrive.

Then, as a result of his quest for success, he gets to meet a successful entrepreneur who told him that, “success isn’t just about having a vision or working extremely hard, it’s about being focused and be prepared for opportunity itself”.

At this point, James should no longer be focused on his ambitions alone, but also on his preparation depending on the kind of thing he is expecting. Getting prepared to to meet your friend is different from getting prepared to meet the president.

He should spend time to read, research, learn, identify latest trends in his industry, develop his communication, negotiation and leadership skills as well as invest in his own education.

As James’s knowledge and skills grow, so will his business. He can be able to make better decisions, negotiate effectively and attract quality players in his industry.

The truth is, success would not come easy. It’s not a visitor that comes to your house and dines with you, it is like that visitor that you go to meet down the road.

Be determined to be ON THE GO, with your preparation and watch how life rewards you with the gift of success.

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