By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- July 25, 2023

For some weeks now, I have been feeling downcast, thinking a lot about my unpredictable girlfriend. Today she is my good friend, and tomorrow she becomes my big enemy.

Sometimes she raises my hope and ambitions, but the next moment she sows seeds of fear and uncertainties in my heart. I feel like she is playing games with me on this road to becoming a billionaire

Should I be afraid this season she has declared to be my enemy? With the way she has been tossing me around, testing me, challenging me and pushing me to the wall, I feel there is a need to arm and train myself for this battle she has declared.

But wait oooh, how can I declare war with her when she is supposed to be my best ally? She is supposed to be on my side. I know I can’t control her, but I can control my actions around her steps and movements with extreme care.

I will have to learn to dance with her and master her rhythms, understand her steps and flows, then be flexible in seizing any opportunity that can make her become my best ally on this journey. I need to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Market, oh Market, why have you chosen to be my unpredictable friend? Why are you being such a tough friend right now? Why are you messing with my feelings and emotions?

The current situation in the Nigerian market has become very challenging with fuel subsidy removal, economic and political uncertainties; many people now are on a meager disposable income, and fewer people have extra money to spend on products and services.

The market is becoming unpredictable, and we need not waste time complaining. We need to stand on our feet, and we need to know more about the market now, study it well and figure out its next move so we can plan our steps accordingly.

While the market is having its ups and down, we need to be like the bamboo in a storm, bending but not breaking.

The market now seems to be the unnoticed enemy around. Take time to research on your market. E get why.

Well, regardless of the market antics, we must turn things around and get to our billionaire destination.

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