By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

You can’t get financial freedom without income.

If you don’t have an income you are dead, you wouldn’t have any money to save, invest or retire with. Knowing that your Job brings income, your enterprise/commerce/investment brings income. My question is; how much income do you generate in a month and how do you increase, sustain and protect it?

Let’s look into a few of my money-building secrets: 

-Focusing more on income-generating activities and less on expenses. I always spend 90% of my time on income-generating activities with my team serving humanity with value and 10% of my time on expenses with friends and relatives. Most of us do this in reverse.

-Using the 40% rule, It’s difficult but it does magic in fixing your money issues. When I started earning, I saved 40% of my income in my TAX Fund for investment. I chose to pay myself first before paying other bills. Even the government/BIR pays themselves first as TAX from your income before paying you. Why wouldn’t you pay yourself first before paying other bills? Try it for 24 months and thank me later. You can call yours Freedom Fund for Investment.

-Staying broke until the set financial targets are achieved. Any time I get more money, I don’t increase my spending habits or my lifestyle rather I invest and still stay broke. It gets me to still hustle, get more committed to serve and do more for the set goals ahead.

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