By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- November 29, 2022

In life, You have to pay the cost to be the Boss. Nothing will come to you on a platter of gold if you don’t categorically take charge of your craft, in this sense, your life. Ask yourself what is your craft and what is it that you are called to do with it. Follow me on these few steps as I unravel the techniques, tips and tricks to a successful craftsmanship.

TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF THE BRAKE – A lot of people want to go through life but have their feet on the brakes and don’t want to build momentum. Everyone has a talent or craft but it’s all about what you do with it and how excellent you do it that determines how fast you can reach the echelon of your Success. What is that craft it in your life that you have put on brake? Just take your foot off the brake!

NARROW YOUR FOCUS – The path to destruction is wide, but many people never find the narrow path. Many people don’t find their craft because they are busy chasing a lot of things, they want to accomplish everything thereby not mastering their craft. What are the two things you want to focus on? How much FOCUS do you put on the two things. Get two things you can focus on everyday or every week so that you can deliver excellent results on them.

FIND MASTERS AND EXPERTS IN YOUR CRAFT – Search for Masters that can help you master your craft. Who are the masters in your industry? Try to make a list of about 20 people you really admire in the area of your craft. Ask how you can make contacts with these people. Try and learn as much as you can from the people that has gone farthest in your craft.

USE THE RULE OF 100 – If you do something 100 times within a span of 12 months, you will become proficient in that thing. In the next 12 months kindly think about what you will do, focus and dominate on it 100 times.

PRACTICE PERFECT YOUR CRAFT – Practice as if you are actually being watched by the whole world, decide that you are going to be the best in your craft no matter the circumstances. Many do the things they love but they practice in fear as if they are going to fail. Put in your best practice and work, your results will be excellent.

MEASURE YOUR RESULTS – If you don’t measure what you have done, you can’t manage it and if you can’t manage it, you can’t master it. Measurement helps you know exactly where you are, it’s a gauge by which you monitor your progress. Try regularly to measure the progress in mastering your craft.

My friends, just try and improve on your craft/skills/ talent, find people who have done things you want to master. Try and emulate some strategies and let go of the brakes. Try to be free and do things you have passion in doing. You will be able to dominate your industry and reach your success.

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