By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- October 16, 2022

Dear CEO,

Do you know that innovation is people and not Product. The long term health of your business requires innovation done by people’s ideas and wisdom. It is the productivity of people that guarantees the quality of product developed hence it’s important you place PEOPLE over PRODUCT.

Now, why are People not the constant differentiator in your business equation, knowing that great businesses consider people as their greatest assets.

I have observed that the innovative companies implement people’s equation. They provide an environment that welcomes knowledgeable, highly skilled and committed people.

They establish a safe culture that spurs innovation, a process that encourages team members to contribute fresh ideas and innovative thoughts that moves the business forward.

At Pamtech Group, we create an atmosphere that gives people permission to develop (HOT) Higher-Order-Thinking that leads to innovation, mindfulness, high performance and learning. Its our priority to create a safe environment that improves people talent with rewards.

So, let’s have a different business process and mindset that puts people first and treats them well. Let’s prioritize harnessing their abilities and reward them for their creativity.

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