By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022


There is so much to do but so little time to do it. How do you get it all done?

FOCUS ON IMPORTANT, NOT URGENT – Never let urgent get in the way of the Important. 

PRIORITISE your tasks and goals. Do first the things that matter most.

FOCUS on the biggest goals that need to be done today, this week or this month. Avoid unnecessary distractions.

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE – Create systems that will help you achieve your goals. Get things around you in order. Create a TO-DO-LIST (Business, Family, calls etc). Create a good system in your environment because good systems make good people become great.

DELEGATE THE MINORS – Many of us are extremely too busy and end up doing the Minor things that can be delegated. Focus on things that need your attention the Most. Focus on the Majors to get big results. Look for opportunities to pass responsibility for specific tasks to others in your team.

CREATE YOUR SILENT TIME – Don’t burn yourself out. Create time to Think, Reflect, Meditate, Reevaluate and Pray. Carve out time to get within your own mind and access deeper truths. It will help you to be more productive.

MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS WISELY – When you put emotions into things that don’t matter, it will drain you. It can be stressful and frustrating. Evaluate your emotions and remove negative emotions. If you manage your emotions you will manage your time, achieve your goals and make your world better.

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