By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

We can intentionally create a progressive culture that can motivate and inspire our team’s effectiveness and performance if we understand intrapreneur culture.

Intrapreneur culture are the values, beliefs and behaviours a business has in encouraging its team members to dream, think, create and act as though they were entrepreneurs. The culture encourages team members to come up with excellent ideas and effective ways to move the business forward.

This is one powerful culture that is underutilized in most of our traditional businesses. At Pamtech Group, we identify, encourage and empower our team members to take ownership, giving them freedom, financial resources and support to practice intrapreneurship within the limits of our business.

We also understand they are our key drivers for growth as they dream, perform and create innovative solutions. They see a new vision, diverse opportunities and possibilities, in fact, more like an idea factory, seeing solutions through a profitable reality.

From business research, I found out that there are three types of intrapreneurs you need in your business: 

The CREATORS (innovators that come up with ideas, big pictures, and things to be done differently), 

the DOERS (focus and perform the task to be done, run with ideas and act responsibly) and, 

IMPLEMENTORS (takes lead to motivate others and make things happen, making sure nothing stops the team from executing and achieving results)

Now, do you have these types of intrapreneurs in your team? Are you transparent with them? Do you make them valued and important? Do you include them in your decision-making? Do you trust them with information and difficult tasks? Do you reward their innovative and committed behaviours? Do you let them know that their success is your success? Do you let them understand and feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves?

Answering these questions might be the strategy you need to grow and improve your business and your team, it will bring innovative change and increase profitability in your business.

Employing, Engaging and Empowering these exceptional team members has plenty of benefits of helping your business identify future leaders while training them to effectively utilize their skills for their gain and that of the business.

I pray you turn this knowledge into action for the sustainability of your business. It is what we practice at Pamtech and we have witnessed excellent results.

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