By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

CONTROL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS- Many at times we think that relationships are basically with other people, we have many different relationships in Life.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OBJECTS – If you respect and appreciate what you have around you, you will have more of it. Treat objects or tools around you with respect and you will find some inner peace. Observe and take care of the things in your environment, your car, clothes, work tools etc.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER PEOPLE – The way you Think, Feel and Act to other people can be felt negatively or positively. Do you project positive or negative emotions? What level of energy do people feel around you? When you meet people, how do they feel?

RELATIONSHIP WITH FAMILY – If you don’t have a positive relationship with your family, you can’t have with other people. Control the relationship in your family positively and make it count. Create your own family if you don’t have any.

RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF – Always check yourself and improve the energy on how you feel about yourself. Always feel good about yourself irrespective of circumstances. Choose how you want to live, Choose Love, Joy, Happiness and Success.

RELATIONSHIP WITH SPIRIT – It’s the most powerful Relationship. What relationship do you have with the Holy Spirit? You can achieve so much more when you submit to higher power (God). Seek higher versions of ourselves, discover and improve the spirit in us. Control and take care of these relationships, it will help you get further and faster in life. Cultivate good relationship habits.

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