By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 5, 2022

Sometime last year, My son needed something, so I had to send him to the supermarket around our neighbourhood.

He said “Daddy, I don’t know my way to the supermarket”

I took pen and paper and wrote the directions, mapping the street signages and instructions on where to turn left or right.

Few minutes later, He came back happy, that he followed the instructions and was able to buy the things he needed most.

That moment, I took him to his room and straight to his library, I said to him;

“My son, as you have read through the written directions, the street signs, the instructions to get what you wanted today, so you should read these mind books I bought for you, It’s your guide for the meaningful life you have desired.”

“The more you read, the more you learn new things, the more you grow, the more you are transformed, the more you meet people, the more you love, the more you expand your world and travel to places with your mind, for life is a beautiful thing”

“These books are your best of friend, they are your most accessible and wisest partner, the most patient teacher and the most rewarding investment”

“You have a very strong mind, its your strongest weapon to fight this poverty world. Your mind needs exposure to Mind-books just as a sword needs a whetstone to keep its edges sharp”

These words changed my sons perspective about reading books and now, we are going to take this message to as many adolescents as possible with book gifts they can keep opening again and again.

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