By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

Every aspiring great leader must learn the task of paying ATTENTION and to do so, you must learn to FOCUS on one thing while filtering out distractions. Learn to focus on YOURSELF, focus on OTHERS and focus on your ENVIRONMENT.

Every leader needs to cultivate this FOCUS awareness in abundance because failure to focus on yourself leaves you rudderless, failure to focus on others renders you clueless and failure to focus on your environment leaves you blindsided.

To keep Focus, you will need to fight self-restraint against self-gratification.

Have the ability to voluntarily disengage your focus from an object of desire.

Have the ability to resist distractions so that you don’t gravitate back to that desire.

Have the ability to concentrate on the future goal and imagine how good you will feel when you achieve it.

Your ability to keep focus will help you to devise a strategy, innovate, and manage organization.

Leaders who effectively FOCUS and pay great ATTENTION on themselves, others and their environment are easy to recognize. They are the ones who find common ground, whose opinions carry the most weight, and with whom other people want to work with. They emerge as natural leaders regardless of organizational or social ranks.

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