By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

God created all of us with the potential ability to earn as much money as we desire, all we have to do is to be intentional about developing those hidden potentials. 

Let’s look at these few principles:

-Include gratitude and money affirmations into your morning routine. Appreciate God for the money-earning potential inside of you and declare that you are born to be rich, you are wealthy, you enjoy earning money and you see money-making opportunities everywhere you go.

-Declare you are a money magnet, always thinking of ways to serve humanity to earn money, your income grows every day as you add value every day, ideas come to you to earn more money and you are committed to making lots of money. Declare you love money and money loves you. 

-Start thinking like a millionaire, start acting like a millionaire, start feeling like a millionaire. You keep repeating this routine and believe me you will surely become what you think and say.

After this routine, start utilizing these two free gifts/ resources God made available for all of us; TIME and PEOPLE. Begin with your time and invest it in developing your values/abilities/gift/skillset. Then trade your TIME with PEOPLE that appreciate and understand the value to earn money. Even if it means offering your time/value for free, nature has a way of bringing plenty of rewards back to you.

Now you have started earning, you have passed level 2. While at place you trade your TIME with MONEY, what you do with the money you earn guarantees the next level. You have to intentionally start saving to use your earned money to earn more money. Set your financial target and stick to the plan and process. This stage is usually difficult to cross because of emotions, and not understanding selflessness with selfishness. Be selfless at this stage to be able to help others in the future.

When your money is earning more money, you can now consider using your earned money to buy people’s time/value into setting up multiple sources of income.

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