By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 4, 2023

Often we hear conversations like “AI will change the world,” “technology will take over the future,” and so much more, yet very few people have asked themselves the big question — Can I change the world?

You too can change the world. Changing the world does not always entail building the next AI nor the next generation technology, or stopping global warming. Changing the world also involves improving the lives of those around you, spreading kindness, and standing for greater good in your relative society.

Dr. Charles Awuzie discussed the Ripple Effect concept and how it influences our world. Just like tossing a stone into a calm pond, no matter how small the stone can be, it has the potential to create ripples that resonate far beyond your immediate surroundings.

By acknowledging the ripple effect, you get to understand how your actions births consequences in and around your world. These ripples could change or mar the world depending on what ripples you are creating.

To achieve the good of it, recognize your potential and leverage it to create a local impact. Be open to volunteering, profer genuine mentorship, show kindness to all and sundry, and enhance the quality of life for people around you.

Again, shift your perspective about changing the world. You don’t need to do super big things to influence change. Find out what truly aligns with your vision and purpose and begin to engage yourself in it. Seek knowledge, change your mindset, develop your skills, shine your light on social media, and go ahead to contribute to the greater good of humanity.

The journey to changing the world involves continuous self-improvement, embracing new experiences, and allowing yourself to become the good the world truly yearns for. Hence, it’s very important that you begin to embody these principles if you are yearning to become a world changer.

Our Rituals for Day 9:

Morning Ritual: Create a habit of dedicating a few minutes to affirm that you have the capacity to change the world, and educate yourself about a cause close to your heart that will contribute significantly to humanity.

Evening Ritual: Reflect on your day, your affirmations, and what you have been educated about in the morning hours. Outline a step-by-step approach to achieving those just causes and ensure that they align with the values you embody.

Remember that the power to change the world is not limited to a few. Your beliefs, passions, and actions in the right direction can change the world faster and better than you think.

You can change the world!

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