By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 4, 2023

With the way the world works, the validation of your intelligence is determined by the quality of its expression – results notwithstanding.

But have you figured out that the most popular way people judge your intelligence is how you are able to communicate it?

Dr Charles Awuzie opined that your ideas, opinions, and thoughts are often an amalgamation of your beliefs, experiences, and intelligence honed over the years. He also reiterated the role of self-awareness in effective communication and overall expression of the inner strength we possess — our intellect.

The truth is, everyday people communicate. There is an exchange of ideas from one to another, but one thing that people miss out on is mindfulness. People talk to themselves without being present during interactions, neither do they respond thoughtfully. To hack the system of the world, do the opposite.

Master the art of clear communication, be an active listener, learn to give and receive constructive feedback, be open to the ideas and perspectives of others, show empathy, be assertive, and be aware of your non-verbal cues to communicate effectively.

There are platforms everywhere, and the opportunities are enormous today. Go forth and show the world what you’ve got. The world is still waiting for your manifestation.

Our Rituals for Day 5:

Morning Ritual: Choose a topic you’re very passionate about and write on it (your way). No matter the unconventional nature of that piece, share it with us on Facebook with the hashtag #EvolveCAMP and encourage others to share their thoughts too.

Evening Ritual: Before you shut down your day, revisit the thoughts or ideas you shared, note down the insights other people shared, and go ahead to refine that piece. Note the differences between the two versions, and do better on your next post.

Remember, a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Express your intelligence.

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