By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 5, 2023

Today, we look at how we can mould our passions and skills to become something of tangible value – a creation people want and can pay for.

In a world where you can be anything, be one that transforms your innate talents and skills into ventures that solve problems and generate financial prosperity. To do that, be able to identify your uniqueness, develop it to an appreciable standard, and then take it to the global market.

Dr Charles Awuzie admonished us to embrace the fusion of Passion and Purpose. He stated clearly that on the journey to evolve, we should be able to leverage skills and expertise to address a genuine need in the society. For in the combination of passion, skill, and market need, there lies the magic wand that changes our lives forever.

It is also essential that as we work towards creating something people will pay for, we should critically evaluate the acceptance of what we’re creating within the industry, so we don’t get fatigued at prevailing circumstances.

Our Rituals for Day 28:

Morning Ritual: Fueled by an entrepreneurial zeal, declare “I possess skills and passions that can bring value to others. I am capable of creating something unique, valuable and desirable”.

Success Habit: Draft a value proposition for your life. Reflect on your skills and passions and draft a simple value proposition for a product or service you could offer.

Evening Ritual: Initiate your ‘Blueprint of Creation’. Sketch or not down the early stages of your product or service concept from earlier, nothing feedback, potential improvements, and a vision for future evolution.

Remember, everyone should think entrepreneurially, and society changes when people begin to become creators than mere consumers.

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