By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 5, 2023

In our world today, there has been this rush for information, and most times the critical factors to be considered are less or not considered, and that’s the factor called Facts.

To evolve, you must cultivate a discerning mindset to carefully evaluate the credibility and accuracy of the content and information you consume and share. In a world filled with opinions, biases, and false narratives, it is important that one carefully navigates through the sea of information with caution and validity.

In his book Evolve, Dr Charles Awuzie encouraged us to be peddlers of only factual data, as well as prioritize the dissemination of accurate information. In influence building, we are also encouraged to ensure that we’re known for carriers of goodwill and facts.

Our Ritual for Day 24:

Morning Ritual: As you begin your day, challenge yourself to verify any significant piece of information you come across before accepting or sharing it.

Evening Ritual: Tonight, start your ‘Information Integrity Log.’ Note down the information you verified today, the sources you consulted, and what you learned about its authenticity.

Your influence and respect are to champion facts and to effectively champion facts, you must champion truth. Stay committed to facts and jettison hearsay.

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