By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 4, 2023

As humans, there’s a certain reality that is inherent in everyone which influences our perceptions, actions, interactions and even experiences and that is Emotions.

Emotions are intricate reactions that arises from your encounters and thoughts, they’re neither good nor bad; they merely exist. They’re to be seen as signals that conveys valuable information about our internal and external environments.

Dr Charles Awuzie reiterated strongly that emotional mastery allows you respond logically rather than react impulsively. This control enables you to navigate through challenging situations with composure and help develop mindfulness for effective decision making and resilience to challenging situations.

With cognizance to the fact that unmanaged emotions could lead to regret or damage to relationships, health stress, depression, anxiety and mental health concerns, it’s important that healthy coping mechanisms such as journaling, exercise and talking to your loved ones and therapists are employed to keep one in check, enhance your emotional maturity and help your connection with others.

He also tutored that to improve emotional wellbeing, one should develop awareness, acceptance and emotional regulation. Instead of declaring “I am angry”, it can be more beneficial to say “I am feeling angry”. That change in language allows you to acknowledge the emotional experience without being attached to the emotions.

Our Ritual for Day 13:

Morning Ritual: Begin your day with a 5-minute mindfulness practice where you set a calm emotional tone for the day.

Evening Ritual: Before you close your day, reflect on the day’s emotional highs and lows. Think on what triggered them, your reactions to them and how you would like to respond in the future.

Emotions are an integral part of the human experience. They make our world colourful, rich and full of depth. Be aware of them, accept them and regulate them.

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