By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 4, 2023

As we push further into our journey with Dr. Charles Awuzie’s guidance, today is focusing on building and nurturing your confidence even while you face fear, challenges or doubt; you still cultivate the courage to face these emotions and move forward regardless.

My key lessons;

You must recognize your strengths because every skill and ability you possess adds value. So recognizing them is the first step in building your confidence. When faced with new challenges, draw on these strengths, and trust in your capability to overcome and solve problems.

Break down your larger objectives or big goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Celebrate each milestone you achieve. These victories, big or small, strengthen your confidence, setting a foundation for future successes.

Always seek and heed constructive feedback from trusted friends or mentors. They can shine a light on strengths you might be underestimating. Use this as a tool to enhance your confidence in your abilities.

Mentally rehearsing successful outcomes helps in erasing self-doubt. Imagine yourself navigating through tough situations with ease and triumph.

Challenge your comfort zone because it is the challenges that push our limits, where true growth and learning happens. Embracing these opportunities can massively boost your confidence.

True confidence comes from recognizing and accepting both your strengths and weaknesses. It’s about having faith in your capacity to learn, adapt, and thrive through challenges.

You will have to depend less on external validation, while it’s natural to seek reassurance, relying too much on external validation can hinder the development of a strong sense of self-worth. Trust in your abilities and the journey you are on.

Dr. Charles Awuzie emphasizes the importance of celebrating all wins and replacing self-deprecating thoughts with positive affirmations that highlight your strengths. Surround yourself with positivity and recognize each achievement, no matter how small.

Our Rituals for Day 11:

Morning Ritual: Stand in front of a mirror and affirm three strengths or achievements. Say to yourself, “I believe in my abilities and trust my journey.”

Evening Ritual: Reflect on moments when you felt confident and others when you wished for more. Revisit these scenarios in your mind, seeing yourself handle them with confidence and strength.

Remember, confidence isn’t about the absence of doubt; it’s about the bravery to proceed in spite of it.

Thank God I didn’t miss today post, we will continue to build our confidence, step by step, day by day.

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