By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 4, 2023

“Some decisions are best not made with the head. Some decisions are best made with the heart. The heart always knows what it wants; you just have to trust it.”

The above statement holds true for decisions about life and love as much as it does for business.

There are times in your life when you must solely rely on your intuition to make certain decisions. In those moments, Dr. Charles Awuzie advises that we ‘silence the noise of external opinions and doubts and truly tune into our inner guidance.’

Following your intuition does not imply abandoning logic for short-fused emotions or discarding useful data for wishful thinking. While logic and analysis are vital aspects of decision-making, your intuition will often act faster to unravel unique insights beyond the confines of rational thought. Knowing when to trust your intuition is wisdom.

Intuition can manifest in different forms for different people. For some, it’s just a tiny voice that whispers about something eventually turning out to be correct; for others, it’s a physical sensation (a feeling in the gut) urging them to make certain decisions. Whatever form yours takes, it’s important not only to recognize it but also to strengthen it, so it can act as your trustworthy compass in life.

Dr. Charles outlines four major ways to strengthen the intuitive muscle:

1. Practice mindfulness or meditation to block out external noise and self-reflect, recalibrating your inner voice and realigning yourself with your true purpose.

2. Keep an intuition journal to record your intuitive thoughts and how you experienced them. This will help you recognize patterns and trust your intuition better.

3. Learn to trust and act upon your intuitions. This is the fastest way to strengthen your intuitive muscles and create a sense of self-awareness.

Incorporating these steps into your daily life will take time, but as with all good things, it’s necessary and will yield the good fruits of self-awareness and a stronger, more powerful intuition (gut feeling) that will guide you for the rest of your life.

Daily rituals for day 10:

Morning ritual: Before you set out for the day, declare out loud to yourself, “I trust my inner wisdom and embrace the guidance it provides.”

Decide to make informed and intuitive decisions throughout the day and stick with them. This practice will help strengthen your inner self and foster trust in your own intuition.

Evening ritual: Take a quiet moment to reflect on the events of the day. Did you let your intuition lead at certain times during the day? Did those intuitive thoughts turn out to be right? If yes, update your intuition journal, as it will help you recognize patterns and gain useful insights that will guide you better in the future.

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