By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- November 29, 2022

There’s a burning desire by almost everyone on earth to experience a certain degree of independence, liberty and control over their lives but eventually very few people know the tricks and tips in living a life on your own terms. Some of them are:

TIME – Because of its limited nature, we have to dominate the clock, control our schedules, manage our priorities and take control of our time. Resist the temptation to squander time with meaningless activities. Understand the importance of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years; that’s why entrepreneurs buy it from millions of people to reach their organizational goals. Cultivate the habits and discipline to do what you want on your own time. Use it wisely and don’t waste it.

INFORMATION – How you share information shows exactly who you are. What kind of information do you share with people? Does it benefit them or hurt them. Sharing the right information can help you to become successful and increase your resourcefulness. Remember, You become the information you carry.

MONEY – Everyone has Money but NOT everyone knows how to use it. We have to learn about money and understand how money operates. If you use your money responsibly you will always have enough even if you are earning meagre salary. The way you spend your money shows what your priorities are in life. Understand how your money works and how to use it to get to your destination. Many of us use our money to tie ourselves to many liabilities instead of aligning them to investments that grows assets. Please understand what you do with your money.

ENERGY – Many of us don’t know how much energy we have in a day. Many at times we use them in a way it harms us, puts the energy in places that are useless to us. There are many negative behaviors and emotions that jeopardize our energy – jealousy, gossip and hate takes and zaps the energy. Focus on expanding your energy, use it to do things that are adventurous, do things that make you thrive and happy. Guard the energy on your mind, and know how your energy functions.

When we have control of these Four (T – I – M – E) resources, we will have control of our Lives.

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