By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- December 31, 2022

Your community plays a very big role in your life and business. To be relational is to be fruitful. If you desire to build great things in life, have a working relationship with God and find a couple of good people to do life with. 

A community is a group of people with something in common. That shared factor could be family, geography, faith, race, or life stage. It could also be an overlapping interest, passion, or profession. 

Your dream blossoms when you surround yourself with people who love you, understand you, and are willing to pick you up when you fail. These people will eventually and subconsciously grow to become the support system you have always prayed for.

As a growing entrepreneur, I have realized that building a solid community, growing it, cherishing it, and getting connected to other meaningful people to join is a great way to win big. In community building, there is great support.

As a member of a community, you have access to a support network. Whether you turn to your community to commiserate, seek advice, or simply share your story, having a supportive group in your life can have a powerful effect on your overall well-being.

Also, immersing yourself in a group of individuals exposes you to a diversity of ideas, viewpoints, and personalities. There’s bound to be something new to learn or an unexpected thought to appreciate from your fellow members.

Sometimes I work so hard and do all the right things but still fail, but my dreams would have faded away if I didn’t have a hand to hold, a tribe that loves me, friends that help me stand, and partners that encourage me through difficult times. 

We all need a community. You can show the importance of community to your teams through your own example. Start looking for ways to get involved with the communities in your life.

Not sure where to start? The beauty of communities is that you can contribute just by participating. Just showing up can enrich your life, the lives of others, and build more resilient organizations and societies.

We have all it takes to build the life we want if we are willing to put in the work of focusing on God and getting connected with meaningful people around us. 

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