By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 1, 2023

During the Owerri Business Week 2023, I shared a profound revelation of the timeless wisdom and divine craftsmanship of God that brought man into existence, using it to reveal how businesses can be designed not just to succeed but to last.

Considering the products that have withstood the test of time, I found God’s concept to be a blueprint for creating a business built to last.

Just as a human being is composed of a body, a soul, and a spirit, a thriving business also operates on these three fundamental elements: – Departments(Body), Customer Service(Soul), and Organizational Culture(Spirit).

God’s creation of Man is the ultimate example of a business system and structure designed for longevity, resilience, and purpose.

In the same way that man cannot function optimally if one aspect of his being is neglected or dysfunctional, a business too suffers when the foundational elements are not in harmony.



The body provides the physical structures and functions required for life; the soul offers the emotional and intellectual faculties to interact with the world; and the spirit provides the essential force and moral compass.

In business, departments like top management, finance, operations, sales and marketing, and branding provide structures, systems, and functionality for the company.

Customer service provides emotional connections to consumers and team members, ensuring loyalty and satisfaction.

The organizational culture acts as the belief, moral, and ethical backbone of the enterprise.

In practical terms, if you have the best product, but your customer service is lacking, your business will die similarly; even with excellent products and top-notch customer service, having a toxic organizational culture can bring everything crashing down.

I was able to show how to build a robust “body” through efficient departments, connecting and breathing life into it with a “soul” enriched by exceptional customer service and infused with a spirit characterized by a positive and blissful organizational culture.

If this concept has worked for humanity for Millennia, it poses a great lesson that can be translated into ideologies that will help businesses last in today’s volatile business landscape.

I am already using this concept to solve some problems in Pamtech. I promise to develop this into a full book and workbook for business people. Watch out for it as I share more insight as the spirit reveals.

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