By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- February 20, 2023

At the Bedrock Business Breakfast held on Saturday, 18th February 2023, I shared my thoughts on business with a teeming audience eager and hungry to learn how to build a business from the ground up, the measures used in scaling and maintaining relevance across sectors and it was such a beautiful experience.



Here are a few excerpts from that session:

• The first step to establishing a great business is first a Mindset Balance. Every businessman needs a positive and strong mindset. Develop the mindset that every obstacle on your way brings an opportunity to learn and grow.

• Identify high-demand and high-growth industries. Analyze your market trends, consumer behaviour, spending habits, customer preference, and market value if you want to run a business that stands the test of time.

• Amongst successful businesses, lies the commitment, determination, and resilience to develop unique products and services that will be valued by customers. Focus on customer needs and pain. Create value around the things that are challenging and frustrating them.

• Every business that will start, scale, and make massive profits must capture technology and innovation in its processes and operations. Use new technologies and disrupt the traditional businesses.



• Examine the gaps in your business model and its market environment and solve it, the money you desire comes from the problems you solve.

• Invest your money first before you can find investors who will believe in your vision. Always have a clear and compelling business plan that outlines your strategy, market opportunities, and financial projections. E get why.

• No business thrives on a “man alone” scale, You must surround yourself with talented, skilled, and committed team members to grow a business that’s scalable, fundable, and sellable.

• In team building, have the thinker, the doer, the dreamer, and the critic and stay open-hearted to allow their thoughts to see the light of day. Attract the right people to help you create and deliver the right value.



• Business cannot function without collaboration, don’t be afraid to step out and strike relevant collaborations.

• Network and establish strategic partnerships and business alliances within and across your market environment. Those relationships can give you access to great opportunities.

It was such a memorable experience while we also unveiled the Bedrock Reading Community’s Library and Reading Lounge, a commitment of ours to build a reading community of business leaders.



It’s time to start building businesses founded on life-changing principles, values, and technologies.


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