By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- October 9, 2022

Why has Amazon always maintained their significant level of growth in business and why has Jeff Bezos maintained his Billionaire status for years down the line?

Was it Amazon’s logo or website?

That has changed over the years. Their first name was “Cadabra” before it changed to “Amazon”. They’ve had 7 major logo changes from 1995 till date same as their website’s design and experience.

Was it their marketing efforts?

There are companies out there spending more millions yet they haven’t achieved the results of Amazon.

Was it their shipping?

Other competitors can access shipping companies and go ahead to do better than they are.

Despite all these, Amazon is considered one of the most innovative companies in the world due to their HIGH CUSTOMER OBSESSION.

Consumers and users of Amazon’s products and services have developed high likability for the company over the years; even as the company launches new products, they aim at creating solutions to their customers than the normal. As likability increases, obsession is inevitable.

Customer Obsession is a way of doing business that puts the customer first, and not just products or profits. Leave every customer with a smile not with a new complaint. Be empathetic towards the customer by providing more value beyond the normal, investing in the right team that will improve the customer’s experience as well as making digital transformations to solve customer’s problems seamlessly.

To build a billion dollar business like Amazon, we should create a culture that defines our businesses by who we serve and how satisfied they are over what we do or sell.

In the words of Walter Rogers, CEO, CCI Global Holdings, “The more we understand what’s motivating our customers at a personal level, the better we’ll be able to partner with them to reach their desired outcomes.”

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