By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- February 6, 2023

During the church service Yesterday, our Pastor referred to a verse from Genesis 2:25 “They were both naked and were not ashamed,” emphasizing honesty and transparency.

And the Holy Spirit asked me, “Are you both (Pamtech and Customers) naked and not ashamed?” In my thinking, I realized this was the original God’s plan for humanity, and this can be a powerful business foundation concept.

Wait oohh, have you not noticed that businesses that are honest, credible, and transparent about their products and services attract more customers who value these qualities and they also retain amazing team members?

Now how can we engage this concept at the foundation of our business?

Prioritizing our business practices in a transparent and honest way that aligns with ethical standards is very important. You can’t fear being naked when you don’t have bad things to hide.

I remember when we started the Oil and Gas business, I made it clear that we will never engage in compromised products for our customers irrespective of the profits involved. This singular practice earned us a positive reputation and differentiated us from some other competitors.

Our businesses should be true to our core values and be transparent about our products and services so that we can attract customers who value quality, honesty and integrity.

We should try and build trust and increase transparency in the business environment by encouraging open and honest communication between team members-customers-stakeholders.

And for team members, encourage the culture of vulnerability, team members should be open and honest about their experiences and challenges without the fear of judgment. With this, you can have a supportive team and a collaborative work environment.

Then for business leaders, they say Oil flows from the head, we should try and model credibility, accountability, vulnerability, and authenticity behaviors and encourage them among our team members.

I sincerely thank Pastor Obi Chinedu for the word. He charged the environment and I have received something to practice and share with you.

I pray that this biztip helps us build a strong foundation of trust and credibility in business so that we can’t be ashamed of anything while we are naked.

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