By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 11, 2023

Dear Friend,

I woke up this morning and walked straight to the mirror, I didn’t know I have spent over 30 minutes just looking at my face, crushing on myself and appreciating God for my life.

It was a time well spent as I realized how my smiles could change a life. Whenever I smile, the pointed nose, even the gap teeth and the beautiful eyes does wonders.

But wait, you know how easy it is to spend or waste away your hour or morning or day or week without a meaning. We need to be conscious of where our morning time is going, how we spend it, and for what it is being spent.

It’s a new week, so let’s make every hour, everyday, count for something, no matter how small. Keep doing something that is worthwhile instead of nothing.

Those things we do day-in and day-out makes up our lives because how we spend our day is how we spend our life.

I will spend more time today smiling, so It can heal some hearts in dire need of smile or hug.

Have a beautiful week.

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