By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 11, 2023

Dear Leader,

Do you know that your team members perform best when they are inspired and motivated rather than when they are being commanded or coarsed.

Most of the leaders that cares less, distances themselves and maintains emotional detachment can’t succeed in today’s changing business. Your best hands will leave you.

You change the fragrance of your business when you deeply love and care for the wellbeing of your team members, understanding that People are the heart of your business.

As business leaders, we have the ability and incredible opportunity to challenge and positively change the life of someone every single day.

Yes, it might be through our behaviour/attitude, beliefs, emotions can improve the productivity of our team members.

At Pamtech, we are in the business of People and that is why our Logo reflects the letter “P” clearly. We are intentional about it, that is why we consistently inspire and motivate People to get things done.

We train and develop leaders not limiting leadership opportunities to only those at the top. We spread knowledge and employer all team members.

So, dear leader, make sure your leadership actions have most profound positive consequences on your team members lives.

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