By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- October 25, 2022

Dear CEO,

Your Company’s success is dependent on your team members’ cooperation and their desire to support your vision and decisions.

Purpose and human connections constitute the very heart of a business, but it is hard work to create a purposeful human connection that unleashes human magic, which makes the positive difference in the business.

When people feel recognized and appreciated, a strong bond between them develops. People create trust and exchange positive energy when engaging in a real human relationship.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that, in addition to food, water, and safety, the most crucial needs we must satisfy are love and belonging. This encompasses our desire for closeness with others, intimacy, social interaction, and group integration. We feel better overall and have happier lives when these requirements are satisfied.

In business leadership, it’s important we build a team of human connections than job descriptions. It takes a happy mind to produce satisfactory results. Hence, I strongly advise that CEOs should create a “community-first” work environment where they create space for everyone to provide input and provide support for each other, so the team is operating as a singular entity headed toward a common goal.

Learn to connect and know what motivates each team member and help them connect their motivation to organizational purpose. We know that a connected, motivated and engaged team inspires productivity and customers loyalty which increases values and profits.

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