By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- October 25, 2022

Dear Team Member,

Leadership doesn’t spring from position or rank or title but it comes from what you do to deliver extra value in your workplace regardless of any formal authority.

If you want to move up the ranks in your workplace, you will have to understand and possess the traits that unmask hidden leaders:

Say it and do it.

You will have to demonstrate integrity and high energy, having the courage to over deliver on your promise. Be the team member that’s trusted in words, valued by character and recommended by integrity.

Develop influence.

You will have personal relational power and strong bond to influence others to perform excellently along with you. No man is an island hence you will need to be able to bring people to your circle with positive influence.

Be results-oriented.

You will have to focus on results and make sure customers and stakeholders unfailingly get what they need from you and the company you represent.

Deliver value always.

You will have to devout your energy serving the ultimate interest of the customers thereby delivering the company’s value promise. Never leave a business or transaction with regret on the part of your customers. Have the ownership mentality and treat the business as much as you will treat your new baby.

So, Start dreaming of becoming a future leader. Yes, be among those that get things done, those that build meaningful relationships with trust, those that volunteer for special assignments, those that make good decisions and those that connect well with customers and stakeholders.

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